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This personality test gives you scientifically-valid scores, so, it will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

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How does it work?

Our assessments are easy to complete and take approximately 10 minutes from start to finish

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You will answer a range of statements according to how well they describe you

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The "Big 5"

personality assessment

Gain a better understanding of yourself and how others may see you with our expanded Big 5 assessment of 10 key personality traits

  • Openness
    Curiosity & Creativity
  • Extraversion
    Warmth & Assertiveness
  • Neuroticism
    Stability & Confidence
  • Conscientious
    Industriousness & Organisation
  • Agreeableness
    Compassion & Consideration

Our world-class personality testing provides a powerful insight into the motivations, behaviours and preferences of individuals.

Rob Dominic, Chartered Psychologist

Why test?

We can often find ourselves asking questions such as; Why can’t I seem to get through to that person? Am I a difficult person? Does my voice get heard? Why do some people say I’m too loud, I'm just friendly?

Using our assessments, you can start to potentially understand yourself better and unlock the answers to some of these questions.

The Big 5 or five-factor model of personality, is a scientifically validated and reliable psychological model. Our assessments are created and reviewed by chartered psychologists with a specialism in personality and psychometric testing.

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Personality sits on a sliding scale, which means that everybody is capable of exhibiting characteristics of most traits, to different degrees, in certain situations - some aspects of your personality will likely just have advantages or disadvantages.

When you know what your most prominent traits are, you’re able to know how you may come across to someone who has different characteristics to you, in a given situation, and put your best foot forward.

Understanding this and yourself better can be a powerful insight and tool, to allow you to connect with others easier and more effectively - at work, home and in your personal life.

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What our customers say


I've done personality tests before and never felt that the results have been very reliable. This one really was! The report was very detailed and described my experiences very accurately. It will help a lot with how I approach situations in day to day life.


I was actually surprised at how detailed my results were after completing my personality test. Backed up with real data too. Was able to share on social media within minutes of completing it! Definitely worth the money and very impressive.


Simple to navigate on the website, really interesting and very accurate insights into my personal traits. great price can't fault it. recommend +++

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