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A little bit about our brand...

Tests For Personality was created out of a want to bring research-driven, credible personality assessments to the consumer market.

We want everybody to be able to try to understand themselves better and how their traits may affect given situations in life - positively or negatively.

Many assessments and tests online straddle either being a ‘quiz’ style format (which has no grounding in credible psychology) or a credible assessment with an overly complex report, filled with language that is hard to understand and interpret.

We have a team consisting of chartered psychologists who specialise in personality trait assessments and data-scientists to ensure data accuracy and modelling.

Our team has worked in personality testing for over 20 years, with notable psychologists such as Dr Richard Lanyon - a previous Harvard Medical School Associate Professor and Dr Leonard Goodstein - Previous CEO of the American Psychological Association.

This has allowed us to bring a research-based, credible personality assessment to the consumer market that is insightful and also accessible to all.

Our range of assessments is being constantly updated and developed to answer some of the common questions we all ask ourselves.

Have a questions? Send us a message on info@testsforpersonality.com

    Our values

    All of our assessments are research-based and validated assessments, created by a charted psychologist and validated by a data scientist.

    Our reports and results have been created to be accessible and easy to understand. They are written by a psychologist but you don't have to be one to understand them. This allows everyone to benefit from understanding personality in a more in-depth way.

    We provide social sharing widgets for your strongest traits so that you can share and compare them with your friends and family.

    We're continually developing our range of personality assessments, to bring people insightful information about themselves.