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Frequently asked questions

The Big 5 or five-factor model of personality, is a scientifically validated and reliable psychological model. Our assessments are created and reviewed by chartered psychologists with a specialism in personality and psychometric testing.

Our social sharing widgets are provided on mobile devices, in the report after you have taken your assessment. Simply hit share to send your results to social media and compare with your friends and family.

No part of our report or results is paywalled for additional or unexpected payments.

We have a team of chartered psychologists and data-scientists who create research-backed assessments for us. We offer an engaging, insightful assessment and report experience so we believe in the value that it provides.

We do not offer refunds for results that aren't what a customer hoped for or thought they might get.

Trying to game the system or manipulate the output is not indicative that the assessment isn't valid.

All questions are scored against a validated control group data set to ensure authenticity.

Some questions are also reversed scored to help us highlight attempts to manipulate results.

The unique links to access your assessment(s) are emailed to you once the checkout has been completed.

Your report will display once the assessment has been resulted. It will also be emailed to the email address you provided at the start of the assessment.

Please check your junk and spam folder.

Our website runs on a guest checkout, your assessment links and report are emailed to you. Please check your spam / junk folder.